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A lot has been said of Virtual Reality casinos in the last few years as people strive to make use of this powerful new technology. But the thing is, it can be very hard to understand what this actually means for the casino industry as a whole and, indeed, what it even is in the first place. Click to view if you’d like to check out some of the latest casino games. Virtual Reality generally makes use of headsets that are put on to completely block out external reality, instead giving an impeccably realistic version of synthesised reality that can be used for things like playing games.

But how is this going to work in the realm of casinos and online slots? Well, VR in this industry is still in its very early stages of development, but using gear such as the Oculus Rift is becoming more and more possible. Indeed, some games such as SlotsMillion have already made use of the latent potential associated with VR, and who knows how far it could go? Let’s round things up and explore this burgeoning facet of the industry.

The Basics

Virtual Reality use in slots and casinos points to the application of contemporary VR technology into the casino gambling sphere, going one step above things like 3D online slots to provide a wholly realistic experience. For online slots this means that, instead of firing up a title on a website, you would instead step into a virtual casino slots hall and walk over to physical machines that emulate what would have been played on online slot websites before.

Where it gets really interesting is with VR’s potential for table games such as Poker. Using Virtual Reality players will be able to sit at a virtual table, complete with other players and the dealer. You would be able to, therefore, read body language, pick your seat and experience the sounds of a casino in excruciatingly high detail. It would really be like sitting at the table in real life. Virtual Reality developers are striving to make the VR casino market as life-life as possible, even down to things like buying a drink at the bar. Now that’s a seriously exciting level of detail.

Current Games

Current games are extremely limited due to the newness of the technology and lack of wide spread VR technology. The aforementioned SlotsMillion, developed by Lucky VR, is surely the best example of Virtual Reality slots presently available. The setting is a huge futuristic slots hall with over 40 machines to choose from, you can even look out the window across the sci-fi metropolis that you find yourself in.

What Does The Future Hold?

The sky is very much the limit of VR in the casino industry, but as the technology is developed you will be able to visit any iconic casino in the world from the comfort of your own home. Some people even anticipate the wacky nature of some online slot titles to be transferred into VR. Ever played The Codfather? Imagine doing so in full Virtual Reality, now that would be a real treat.

Author: Mabel Romero