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The game of poker in its Texan version (the most popular in the last 20 years, thanks also and above all to the Internet) is played sitting at the table, with a classic deck of 52 cards and between two and ten players.

The aim of the judi poker online is to create the best combination of 5 cards with the possibilities offered by your hand and the 5 cards that are dealt round by round on the table (face-up).

Table position and Dealer

The first thing you must instinctively look at on a table where the texas holdem is played is the position of the button or dealer button (which we have already said is often marked by a larger chip with a D above which means precisely “dealer” in absence of a real designated croupier.

This is your compass on a poker table that you will always refer to as much of the Texas Hold Em strategy depends on your position.

The dealer (also called “croupier” when describing the profession of the one who works in the casino halls) does not play but distributes the cards and rules the actions on the table, the turns and the different bets or the possibility itself of winning the prize, which in poker it is commonly called “winning the pot”.

In the absence of this figure it is the players themselves who represent the bank, each at his own designated turn. It is not uncommon, in matches between friends, to see a placeholder usually in one color and with the letter “D” at the top to indicate the player who currently manages the game. The placeholder moves in a clockwise direction as a rule.

Small / big blind

The first player to the left of the dealer must put the small blind, and the next one the big one. The amount of the large is twice the small blind and always both are clearly indicated in the name of the Texas Hold’Em online tables. For example: on Titan Poker the “Southern Cross” table is marked with 2/4 euros which means 2 dollars in the small blind and 4 in the big blind .

Note that unlike all other bets, small and large blinds are mandatory to play.

However here now I will give you a summary of the game phases so that you do not arrive completely without:

Distribution of the cards

The dealer then delivers two cards face down to each player starting from the one on his left then the first betting round starts.

Only the card-holding players can see the value until they are uncovered face-up again on the table and firmly released (contact with the hand implies that the card is not yet on the table)

On the table 3 cards are progressively given, then 1, then another: at the end of these steps each player can place a bet, declaring and placing a bet on the table. Moreover see basic poker rules for differences with other types of games.

Author: Mabel Romero